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Addicare Group of Texas is a Non-Profit Organization Offering Outpatient Treatment & Counseling Services for individuals with Substance Abuse & Dependency in Garland, Texas.

Addicare Group of Texas offers affordable outpatient treatments and counseling services that allow individuals to seek help and continue to live their life in the comfort of their home.  We offer exceptional morning, afternoon and evening programs that will fit anyone’s busy schedule.  Plus we have great treatment, counseling and education programs available for adults and adolescents with substance abuse problems, anger management, stress management, domestic and family violence issues.  Our primary focus is on the development of healthy lifestyles, positive behavior patterns with sound emotional and spiritual growth.  Here at Addicare Group of Texas our professional counselors are there to help you and your family heal and move on in a positive direction in life.

If you are keeping secrets from those closest to you and you feel like your life is not working then contact the professionals at Addicare Group of Texas.  We will help you with your addictive disorders by offering affordable outpatient services that will allow you to seek help while maintaining your work and life at home.  Addicare Group of Texas is a private, non-profit outpatient treatment center helping individuals with substance abuse, anger issues, and many more dependency issues.  We offer a variety of programs that are available morning, afternoon, and evening…we are sure to have a session that will work into your busy schedule.  Plus we offer counseling and programs specifically for Spanish speaking clients.

  • Substance Abuse & Dependency
  • Anger & Stress Management
  • Relapse Prevention & Education
  • Family & Domestic Violence
  • And More

What We Offer

substance abuse treatment

DWI Education:
Addicare Group of Texas offers State of Texas certified DWI Education programs. This program is a 12 hour program offered on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It focuses on problems associated with drinking and driving.

DWI Repeat Offender Education:
Addicare Group of Texas is certified by the State of Texas to offer the Texas DWI Repeat Offender Program. Our DWI Repeat Offender program is a 32 hour intensive program, curriculum based course focusing on life issues. This program was developed exclusively for DWI Repeat Offender. There are 15 group sessions designed to educate the client about the chemical dependency process and associated problems. This program includes two family sessions, two individual sessions and an exit interview. The DWI Repeat Offender programs is a criminal procedure approved program that provides alternative sentencing to multiple DWI Offenders.

Drug Offender:
Addicare offer a great Drug Offender Programs that is certified by the State of Texas. This program is a 15 hour intensive curriculum based course focusing on life issues. This program was developed exclusively for Drug Offenders. It consists of five group sessions designed to educate clients above the disease concepts of drug use.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment:
Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment program includes group counseling, education, individual counseling, and an individual treatment plan. IOP clients start their treatment by attending four sessions per week and as they become stable the sessions are reduced to two sessions per week. Addicare also offers ACUDETOX. Acupuncture has shown very good results in helping clients with cravings, withdrawal, depression, and stress. Addicare offers a morning or evening IOP program.

Adolescent Services

Are you seeing odd behavior in your child or loved one that is bothersome but can’t put your finger on what is wrong?

Addicare offers comprehensive adolescent assessments that help uncover current and past problems or family issues.

Drug Intervention Progam:
Addicare offers a Drug Intervention Program that is a one time per week group counseling session (with drug testing) that can last from six to twelve weeks.

Laboratory Services:
Addicare offers drug testing (urinalysis). The test will screen for alcohol, amphetamines, benzodiazepones, cannabinoids, cocaine, opiates and pcp. The cost is $20.00

relapse prevention

Relapse Program:
Addicare Group of Texas offers relapse education classes to help prevent relapse. This is a 12 week program study in the causes and effects of relapse behavior, defining relapse warning signs, myths, triggers, situations which invite relapse, what to do if you relapse, and re-focusing on recovery. Plus we discuss healthy recovery planning skills for each individual.

Relapse Prevention Counseling:
We offer excellent classes for individuals who need an aftercare program to help them maintain a recovery lifestyle. Individuals attend a one hour class one day a week. Clients discuss questionable issues and recovery developments with their peer groups and a counselor. Currently we have ten counselors on staff that is fully licensed by the state of Texas and the Department of State Health Services.

anger management

Anger Management Programs:
Addicare Group of Texas offers twelve group sessions for one hour each session. This program is designed to help individuals seeking recovery from moderate to severe anger, rage, violent behavior and aggression towards other individuals. Basic behavior principles of the group are chronic anger, anger violence, resentments, responsibility, habits, habitual behaviors, forgiveness, work related issues, control issues, disappointment, and assuming and practicing emotional and personal responsibility.

Family & Domestic Violence – Spousal & Non-Spousal:
Addicare offers a Family Violence (non-spousal abuse) program that consists of 12 group sessions. Plus we offer a Family Violence (spousal abuse) program that consists of 24 group sessions. Classes are available one day each week for two hours.  Some components of the programs are issues of chronic anger, family roles, decision making, conflict resolution, resentments and forgiveness.

If You Need Help with substance abuse, fearing a relapse, or experiencing family or domestic violence - Contact Us Today At 972-278-4760!

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